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Cruise and ferry, yacht and super yacht, navy, government vessel, commercial marine, docks: Acerbi 1906 has a centuries-old tradition in the marine industry as a supplier of solutions and electrical systems that are able to meet even the most strict specifications.

The multiple strengths in the areas of lighting, energy, installation material and automation systems allow Acerbi 1906 to offer equipment and solutions, technical assistance and services to shipyards, shipowner companies, marine installers, system integrators, interior and ship’s designers and ship chandlers.

The solutions offered by Acerbi 1906 are customized based on the characteristics of each application, so as to meet the needs of every type of stakeholder in the marine industry, from cruise to navy. Acerbi 1906 is a solid and reliable partner in all its businesses: not only in supporting shipowner companies and shipyards in new construction, ensuring the efficiency of installations and optimizing future maintenance activities, but it is able to identify alternative products useful to improve the performance of electrical systems even in refit operations.

The solutions offered include lighting and control systems, electrical components and installation material, automation and safety systems, on board instrumentation, navigation and control systems, acoustic signalling, patrol control systems and on board terminals, batteries and power systems. The acknowledged expertise in lighting equipment is consolidated by exclusive distributed brands and includes: navigation lights and control panels, searchlights, floodlights, bowlights, special navigation and signalling lighting, audible warning devices, lighting for EX classified areas, indoor lighting (cabins, stores, common areas, kitchens and restaurants) and outdoor (public areas, bridges). Ad hoc product’ codes can be created for punctual needs (such as light fittings with ship’s designers of naval kitchens, navigation lights for navy ships, etc…)

Acerbi 1906 is the exclusive distributor for leading brands such as Glamox and KARL DOSE offering solutions of professional and sustainable lighting, installation material and equipment for the marine industry.

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Tailored made solutions

to meet customer needs precisely

In-depth knowledge in the marine market and significant experience consolidated from numerous installations make Acerbi 1906 an interlocutor capable of developing all kind of projects (tailored made solutions and services, production of special items and document management), all supported by an extensive product portfolio and a well-stocked spare parts warehouse, essential to ensure quick and reliable operations. Acerbi 1906 ensures timely technical and commercial assistance for on board maintenance management. The offer goes furthermore than just supply of the required products: for example, it provides a spare parts warehouse management service on board, keeps updated the master data of electrical components of the main shipowner companies that are present in each ship of the fleet so as to streamline the customer’s purchasing process, manages documents and certificates required for specific products (such as navigation lights). The specialized skills and knowledge of the major shipyards and shipping companies allow Acerbi 1906 to effectively direct and guide the entire supply chain of marine installers and system integrators who are involved in system maintenance and upgrade activities.

Strong and deep


Acerbi 1906 has been successfully working with leading shipyards, general contractors and marine intallers in the new construction of navy ships both for the Italian Navy, as well as foreign Navies. We are on the vendor list of Fincantieri and Leonardo.

Various interventions have been carried out in the construction of new ships as well as in the modernization of the Italian Navy fleet with integrated and customized lighting solutions: navigation lights and control panels, searchlights with integration of local control panel, technical and emergency lights, specific installation material for FREMM, PPA, LSS, PPX and the Italian Navy U212A submarine. Acerbi 1906 provides the Navy with timely and deep expertise in the needs and technical specifications required for the realization of lighting systems and installation material on board navy ships.

This allows us to develop, thanks also to the valuable support of partners, special product codes and installation kit in compliance of the technical specifications, ensuring the standards of performance required and the after-sales service in the spare parts and maintenance management. This market application requires technical specifications and performances at the highest levels: Acerbi 1906 has the expertise necessary to direct vendors in the development of products to support shipyards and installers in the design and implementation of installations.

An opportunity

for a sustainable future

Energy efficiency, electric-powered vessel and digitalization of processes are challenges that Acerbi 1906 faces on a daily basis. The energy transition is one of Acerbi 1906’s priorities, committed on the front line to implement sustainability projects by customers’ side.

The climate goal set by the IMO, which calls for a reduction of at least 40 percent in CO2 emissions from all ships by 2030, is setting new challenges and opportunities in the market. Energy efficiency, decarbonization, environmental protection, extension of product life, optimization of management processes and resulting reduction of operating costs: the actions to be taken.

Acerbi 1906 is at the forefront of the issue of efficient energy. Since September 2023 it is no longer possible to produce fluorescent lamps, the company is working alongside customers in led upgrade projects for the complete replacement of lights on board with multi-years fleet action plans. The company has also developed with partners a “bridge” solution that can ensure the use of led with significant saving costs, ensuring the subsequent supply of spare parts and maintenance work. Another trend is electric traction both on new ships, as well as in the conversion of existing ones. Even in the shipbuilding industry, the trend is working to develop powered thermal generator to be energy independent. The collaboration with customers in optimizing the supply chain and after-sales services goes through a path of digitalization, which will reduce operating costs, maintenance and modernization of the existing fleet.