Rivista Marittima - Monthly of the italian Navy

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In the Rivista Marittima, monthly of the Italian Navy, we talk about our’s established partnership with the Navy and partner companies in the naval sector.

Thanks to our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the needs and technical requirements needed for lighting systems and installation material on the Navy ships, we have successfully provided integrated and customized lighting solutions for the Italian Navy.

The words of our CEO Paolo Ferrari: "Our collaboration with the Navy is decennial. We have worked with leading shipyards, general contractors, and marine installers (such as Fincantieri and Leonardo), in the construction of new navy ships both for the Italian Navy, as well as foreign Navies."

We have conducted several interventions in the construction of new ships as well as in the modernization of the Italian Navy fleet with integrated and customized lighting solutions: navigation lights and control panels, searchlights with integration of local control panel, technical and emergency lights, specific installation material for FREMM, PPA, LSS, PPX and the Italian Navy U212A submarine.
In addition, we offer a complete after-sales service in spare parts and maintenance management, ensuring constant support for the entire naval fleet.

We pay attention to new trends and we are determined to do our part to support the technological advances and energy efficiency that characterize the marine industry, always in line with our values of sustainability and innovation.

In response to the new regulations, which will ban the production of fluorescent lamps from September, our company is engaged in led upgrade projects.
In addition to supporting customers in the complete replacement of on-board lights, we have developed a "bridge" solution in cooperation with our partners, which allows a low economic impact but guarantees the supply of spare parts and maintenance work on LEDs over time. This innovative solution has received wide appreciation from the industry and is positioning us as a benchmark in energy efficiency.

"Our commitment for the future" Paolo Ferrari said "as evidenced by our participation in Seafuture 2023, is to strengthen our partnership with the Navy, researching and developing new solutions and services to contribute to the excellence of our defense fleet."

We are determined to do our part to support the technological progress and energy efficiency that characterize the naval sector, always in line with our values of sustainability and innovation.

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